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How to Get Rid of your Unwanted Junk Before you Move

Moving is a thrilling experience, not just because you are going somewhere new, but because it is a great time to declutter and get rid of unwanted and unneeded items. Moving can be pricey and take a lot of time. Moving is much easier and less expensive when there are fewer items to pack and relocate. We have provided some guidance for how you can get rid of your unwanted junk before you move.

Determine what to get rid of

Moving into a new home provides a clean slate and should be one that doesn’t involve a heap of unwanted stuff. It’s a good idea to sort through your items and get rid of your unwanted junk before you move. While this may seem like a big task and a bit overwhelming, below are some common items to rid yourself of before you move:

  • Belongings not used within the past year
  • Things you will not use or do not have space for in your new home
  • Items you have multiples of and don’t need the extras
  • Clothing or other things that are no longer your style
  • Broken items or things in need of repair
  • Items that are difficult and/or expensive to move

How to get rid of your unwanted junk before you move

Perhaps your furniture is in bad condition or maybe your old clothes are just irredeemable or no longer fit. Whatever the case, you should determine the level of effort you want to take when discarding of the items. There are some options:

  • Host a garage sale
    • Having a garage sale allows you to get rid of your unwanted junk before you move, all while making some extra money.
    • A garage sale may take a bit of time to organize, prepare for, and manage, so allow yourself the time to do so.
  • Sell your items online
    • There are many options for selling your unwanted and unneeded items online. You can target local buyers or ship to people far away.
    • Selling items online requires you to load photos and descriptions, communicate with buyers, and deliver or package the items. Keep in mind, your stuff may not easily sell, so it could take some time to rid yourself of everything.
  • Donate your old belongings
    • Before donating your old belongings, you need to ensure that each piece can be used, is in good condition, and has been well cleaned.
    • Prepping items for donation may require more than you think, so be sure to check with the donation facility to understand their requirements for accepting donations.
  • Rent a dumpster and discard your junk
    • Renting a dumpster is the most efficient way to get rid of stuff before moving into a new home, as you can easily and quickly toss all items into the container and move on with your packing.
    • When renting a dumpster, you don’t have to clean and prep your items, spend time selling, or worry about items not being sold or accepted for donation.
    • If you don’t have time to have a garage sale and sell online or donate your items, renting a dumpster is a good option for you.

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