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Finding the Right Location for Your Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster for a project around your Ohio or Florida home is an efficient way to get rid of waste and unwanted items. Before your dumpster is delivered you should prepare for the home dumpster rental and know where you are going to have the dumpster placed. Circumstances of your environment will likely play a large role in where your dumpster is placed for your project. We are going to give you some tips for finding the right location for your dumpster rental.

What to Avoid When Finding the Right Location for Your Dumpster Rental

While renting a dumpster for a home project will benefit you greatly in the long run, you may be struggling to find just the right location to place the dumpster while you have it.

Let’s review some of the things you should avoid when finding a location for your dumpster rental:

  • Neighbor’s Property: Not only may it aggravate your neighbors if you place a dumpster on their property without consent, the dumpster could cause damage to their lawn or other structures. If you have permission to place the dumpster on someone else’s property, it is recommended not to do so in case something hazardous or harmful happens. Your dumpster rental should be on your property.
  • City Streets: Every area and city has different guidelines for where a dumpster can and cannot be placed. Be sure you know the regulations for your city before having a dumpster delivered to your street. Typically, you need a permit to have dumpster on public property and the dumpster can be on a city street for no more than 24 hours.
  • Sloped Surfaces: As with people, a dumpster can go skating down a sloped driveway when there is precipitation and other elements, like ice, present. While an empty dumpster may rest fine on a sloped surface, as weight is added to the dumpster, the potential of the dumpster slipping or sliding down a slope increases.
  • Soft Ground: When finding the right location for your dumpster rental, you need to know what is underneath the area you are thinking to place it. The weight of a dumpster could cause damage or a cave-in that can severely harm irrigation, sprinkler, plumbing, septic, and other systems and cause an expensive and filthy problem.

What to Look for When Finding the Right Location for Your Dumpster Rental

Now that you know what areas and things you should avoid, let’s review what you should look for when finding the right location for your dumpster rental:

  • Areas Large Enough for the Dumpster: Keep in mind that dumpster rentals have a limited amount of time, so know the measurements of the dumpster and measure for and find the ideal location, prior to its delivery.
  • Central Location: When finding a place for your dumpster rental, you will want to find a central spot for your project where you are able to easily discard of items without blocking your route. Having the dumpster placed too far away will add time and effort to your disposal process, and could make the dumpster rental less convenient.
  • No Blocked Views or Entrances: Having a dumpster on your property should cause you as little inconvenience as possible. Find an area to have the dumpster placed that still allows you to access entry and exit points of your property. You likely do not want your dumpster placed somewhere that blocks your view to kids in your backyard, cars on the street, etc.
  • Safe Zone: If placed in the wrong location, your dumpster rental can cause a safety hazard. Be sure to find a place for your dumpster that will not interfere with you or your family’s safety, or the wellbeing of others. Placing your dumpster in a high traffic area is not recommended.

Dumpster Express takes every available measure to decrease the possibility of damaging your driveway and/or pavement. Our trucks are equipped with a system that lowers the dumpster with remarkable control, setting it gently on the ground. To increase your pavement protection, we recommend that you put a sheet of plywood down before we lower the dumpster onto your pavement. This small measure will prevent minor surface scratches.

Dumpster Express provides 7-day dumpster rental to customers in Ohio and Florida. We offer great rates on a wide range of dumpsters. Contact us today.