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Dumpster Rental Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put in the dumpster?

Your dumpster can be filled with all the construction debris, household materials, landscaping materials, and trash that you can fit up to the upper rim. However, our dumpsters cannot accept hazardous materials, including paint, tires, aerosols, chemicals, and cleaners. When you rent our dumpsters, see our list of acceptable and not acceptable items in the last FAQ section of our website or ask one of our professional drivers for assistance upon delivery. If you are disposing of bricks, concrete, asphalt, dirt, or any other aggregates, you cannot overfill past the dedicated fill line, and those materials cannot be mixed with any other debris.

If I need more than one dumpster, can I get a discount?

How much can I put in the dumpster?

Your dumpster can be filled all the way to the top, as long as it is level with the utmost rim of your container. If you overfill it, you may have to remove the excess until it is level with the rim. Save yourself time and money and don’t overfill! If you are afraid there won’t be enough room, review our rental rates and consider ordering a larger size to avoid penalties.

Will the dumpster damage my pavement or parking lot?

When do you deliver dumpsters?

Can I dispose of hazardous materials In the dumpster?

Can I put fill (concrete, dirt, asphalt, etc) and household materials in the same dumpster?

How much is a trip charge?